CPH: Mix – Polyamory During the Pandemic

On this episode we discuss ways in which polyamorous people navigated the pandemic in Denmark, and how COVID-19 may or may not have had lasting effects on how they participate in relationships. We were curious to hear from people in our community who practice polyamory to learn how they considered things like infection rates and covid “pods” or “bubbles” when seeing partners, so we invited Josefine and Ajo, two queers who practice poly, to chat with us. Find transcripts of this episode in English and Danish and check out the MIX CPH Film Festival program at mixcopenhagen.dk! MIX CPH 2022 runs October 21 – 30, 2022 in Cinemateket and Empire Bio. See you in the dark..

MIX:CPH Podcast ”Coming Out of the Celluloid Closet”