The Covid pandemic hit Oslo in early 2020. The whole city was in lockdown from the middle of March. After the restriction was released, I decided to celebrate New Year in Gothenburg, where I lived for two years before I moved to Norway. There, I met Etay. He is a choreographer and a dancer based in Tel Aviv. We had great times making French onion soup based on the recipe from his grandma. After that, he showed me a painting of Nina Simon, his favorite artist, that he received from his friend as a gift. I proposed to take photos of him, together with the painting and his Monstera. The next day was freezing cold. We were thinking of seeing the greenhouse inside the city park, but it was temporarily closed. We then just walked around the park and played with the distorting mirrors. After I was back to Oslo, the second lockdown period came in 2021. I couldn’t manage to see him again before he flew back to Tel Aviv.

We still keep in touch, and he said he loves the photos.

Lin Xue, originally from Guangzhou, China, currently works and lives in Oslo.